Love it! Tasty and varied food. When I saw the portions I was worried that I’d be hungry as I’m used to a big plate full. But as soon as I started to get hungry it was time for my next meal! Perfect!! The flapjacks and protein balls are amazing. So handy in the evenings when I would normally snack on unhealthy rubbish.. the ease of prepped food is brilliant for me too This is one of my major downfalls. Lazy.. all in all I lost 4lb in 3 days, then another 4lb the following 3 days. I’ve got a full week coming up and I can’t wait to see the results!!


I love Raw and Ready it is a life saver, no more having to think about what to eat and finding time to go shopping, preparing and cooking meals, as Raw and Ready do all that for me, not only have i lost weight I’ve gained a load of extra time. Would recommend this plan to anyone xx


Absolute life savers! Was sick of trying to prep/keep on track with 2 young children so decided to give Raw n Ready a go. Meals are delicious, fresh and varied in taste, easy to warm up and best of all….i lost 7lbs in the first week! Win win! Cannot recommend these guys enough. Brilliant customer service and spot on product!


Food tastes fab and love that carbs and treats are included! Love knowing i have a little treat to look forward to. Flapjacks are amazing and Highly recommend, saves me so many hours prepping in the kitchen!

Let’s face it who has time to prep these days lol


As a professional fighter these meals are a must. It saves considerable amount of time and effort so I can focus more on my training. Raw and Ready have great variation and foods are different every week. Seriously recommend them especially to guys in fight camp who struggle to eat healthy.


With working 5 days a week and training 6 days a week the hardest part for me was dieting, eating correct and prepping my meals was just about impossible until I got my meals from raw and ready, in preparation for my last fight. It was the easiest I have ever made the weight for a fight and the best shape I have ever been in and I was eating better than I ever have also. meals are varied and great tasting, cant thank and recommend these guys enough