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All Raw’n’Ready Fitness travel gear comes with a 1 year limited warranty from the date of purchase (Proof of purchase is necessary). Contact our Customer Service team at 07792 897417 or email info@rawnready.co.uk. Our Customer Service team is here Monday-Friday, 9AM – 5PM to help make sure you are ready to travel fit!

Login into your account herecall us at 07956 096771, M-F 8AM-5PM or email info@rawnready.co.uk

Check out our blog post about container care!

Hand washing your containers will increase their lifespan. However, they are dishwasher safe. If you wash them in a dishwasher, remember to place them on the TOP RACK ONLY. If your containers become stained from tomato sauce or other substances, make a paste of baking soda and warm water and leave it in your container over night. You should have fresh, clean containers to look forward to in the morning. If odor is an issue, use some vinegar and scrub clean. Our containers are microwave safe, but for longer life, it is recommended that you pack a microwave safe plate in your Raw’n’Ready Bag and transfer the food from container to plate when it’s time to heat up your food. If you must microwave your containers, keep zap-time to a minimum and never, under any circumstance, should you microwave your lids. Again, DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR LIDS. This is a sure fire way to warp your lids, and once they warp, they will no longer be functional.
You may find our Raw’n’Ready Fitness products within your local Fitness Gym’s, or Sports Nutrition Store!

Inspiration. Motivation. Maximum efficiency for all your nutritional needs.

They also come with all the gel packs and containers you need to start traveling fit. Amount of containers and gel packs varies with the model and size of your bag.
Sure Seal Containers will fit in all of our bags. (each bag is pre-loaded with both packs and containers)

For information on becoming a wholesale partner, please contact Sam Bugless in our sales department. She can direct you to the appropriate person. Her email: info@rawnready.co.uk

No. This is not a cooler. We recommend our line of gel packs, or other self-contained cooling packs that slot into the core of the bags.